NOPE of Pinellas

School Presentations


NOPE of Pinellas offers high-impact multimedia presentations to middle and high school students in both public and private schools. Each assembly is purposeful and free of charge to the school.

The NOPE message is delivered from several perspectives including a moderator, law enforcement and parents who have suffered the loss of a child from overdose.

The presentation reinforces middle and high school drug education curriculum and offers the students local community stories to reinforce the idea that the drug problem is right here in our community and that needs their attention and support for positive changes.

The NOPE presentation is purposefully blunt and evokes powerful emotions. The response from students, parents and teachers has been very positive. Many students reach out to NOPE's wealth of resources beyond the presentation and seek guidance for themselves or to get help for a friend.

"A young woman once told me that she recently refused pills offered at a party because she'd remembered Landon’s story and how just one of night of experimentation cost him his life. 

This is why I tell Landon’s story—to potentially save one life by planting seeds that may stop a tragic decision."

- Susan Korabek, mother of Landon Korabek who died in 2010 from a prescription drug overdose. 



NOPE presentation at Pinellas County Schools

Ever wonder what's involved in a NOPE presentation? Take a look!

Community Presentations


NOPE of Pinellas offers an interactive forum for parent groups, civic organizations, church and synagogue groups.

The presentation strives to educate the audience not only on the national drug epidemic but on local drug abuse trends and subsequent overdose deaths. Strategies are discussed to combat the issues both in the home and in the community.

The 60 minute agenda includes a law enforcement official who describes the current drug trends, parents who share their child's tragic story and a local physician who educates the group on drug characteristics and impact.


"The presentation is sobering. You're listening to parents that have kids that you think you have. Perfectly normal, clean cut, they aren’t going to get into this sort of thing. You realize it can happen to any of us."

- Parent at a recent NOPE Presentation




NOPE community presentation


Candlelight Vigil


thursday, October 17, 2019
Largo Central Park
101 Central Park Dr, Largo, FL 33771

Every year in October, the NOPE Pinellas Candlelight Vigil brings the community together to remember those lost to and suffering from substance abuse.  This year marks the 11th annual candlelight vigil here in our community. 

We hold the annual vigil to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction so that those suffering with the disease will openly seek help. It is a time for hope and comfort, to know that you are not alone.

The Memory Wall serves as a memorial where attendees may hang a photo of someone lost to an overdose or other addiction. The placement of messages and notes helps to lift our hearts in memory of our loved ones. The wall is a space to pause in silence as we remember those who no longer struggle with their addiction.

The vigil program includes inspirational messages from local leaders and performances by local high school chorus.  The night closes with a keynote speaker and the lighting of candles.

The vigil is open to anyone and everyone in the Tampa Bay area. We encourage families and high school students to attend.     

"The vigil has allowed me to remember my son in a place surrounded by others who understand. I’m not judged by my son’s passing and I find comfort being around so many people in our community who care.

- Susan Korabek, mother of Landon Korabek 



The NOPE of Pinellas annual Candlelight Vigil is held annually in October.


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