Bay News 9 features Everyday Hero Laurie Serra

Everyday Hero Laurie Serra began her crusade in 2008, the night she learned her stepson died of a prescription drug overdose.

Matthew Serra was a state-ranked swimmer in high school and Virginia Military Institute graduate. One day, he injured his back and started taking pain medication. Soon, he was addicted to oxycontin, methadone and Xanax - all bought at a pill mill.

Matthew's death spurred Laurie to take action and tell parents and children of the dangers of prescription narcotics.

She helped found NOPE - Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education - in Pinellas County. The group speaks to schools, civic organizations and anyone else who needs to know the perils of these drugs.

Her message includes a reminder to parents that they are the most powerful influence on their children when it comes to drugs, so constant communication is crucial throughout their lives.